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Peak Performance + Influence Mastery Coaching For World-Class Executives, Investors, & Surgeons










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Peak Performance + Influence Mastery Coaching For World-Class Executives, Investors, & Surgeons




The Legendary Peak Performer Intensive


The Legendary Peak Performer Intensive is designed for teams ready to unlock their collective potential within a proven peak performance system. This half-day intensive workshop captures the full essence of elite performance for teams to thrive and dominate in their respective industries. They'll be equipped with the most advanced peak performance mindsets and techniques the top 1% use.

Here's what your team will experience during our time together:

Section 1 - Peak Performance

1. The 6 Habits The Top 2% Of Every Field Master Regardless Of Their Age, Industry, Personality, Or Position - How one global study of leaders from 198 countries and over 200,000 coaching sessions reveals that high performance is streamlined across multiple industries.

2. The Importance Of A Peak State - The reason why all peak performance comes from your state and what are the practical applications to make sure you're at an unstoppable state every day.

3. The Significance Of Energy - The truth about the relationship of dynamic energy and peak performance - and chances are: it's not what you think.

4. The Power Of Priming - Discover the single most important peak performance practice the top 1% use to make sure they operate at their best every day.

5. The Void & Victory Framework - How one peak performance framework guarantees non-stop momentum without being completely unsatisfied with your progress. This is literally the key to creating a team atmosphere where leaders are both happy and hungry at the same time - without either one being diminished.

Section 2 - Exponential Productivity

6. The 3 Pillars Of Advanced Productivity Components - Master the 3 pillars that make all the difference in your team making real progress they can be proud of - without falling into the trap of just being 'busy'.

7. Defining Your EMO - Have your team separate themselves in their field in a short amount of time without needing to work on multiple things at once by discovering your Elite Mastery Output.

8. The Potency Of Flow - Learn how to tap into the #1 state responsible for increasing the productivity of super-performers by 400%.

9. The Exponential Productivity Formula - Your team has to put in more time to achieve more, right? Wrong! You'll learn the one productivity formula that will allow you to achieve more in 90 days than what you used to in 1 year.

Section 3 - Influence Mastery

10. The 6 Principles For Mastering Influence - How it takes mastering just 6 principles to help your team become influence masters.

11. The 5 Tools Of Influence - Discover the 5 tools every inspirational and influential leader uses to move people towards accomplishing remarkable things - both in a 1-on-1 and group setting.

12. The Influence Mastery Model - Learn how it just takes 3 components for your team to become leaders people want to follow - not ones they have to follow.

13. Developing An Influence Strategy - Learn the single most important influence tactic to have maximum impact in every major conversation. If you don't learn this - you and your team's influence will plateau.



The Influence Mastery Intensive


The Influence Mastery Intensive is a transformative journey for teams aspiring to master the art and skill of influence at the highest level. Tailored for groups determined to enhance their influence and impact, this half-day intensive workshop is a deep dive into the realm of persuasive mastery.

It's more than just a workshop session; it's an experience that will reshape your team's approach to influence, equipping them with the most advanced  persuasion strategies and insights used by the most influential leaders in various industries.

Here's what your team will experience during our time together:

Part 1 - Influence Virtual Kickoff

We will have a 75-minute Zoom session to kickstart our influence mastery journey together. We'll cover these vital topics during our time together:

1. The Fundamentals Of Influence - Learn what true influence is and what it's not. Understand the difference between genuine persuasion and manipulation.

2. The 6 Principles For Mastering Influence - How it takes mastering just 6 principles to help your team become influence masters.

3. The Influence Mastery Model - Learn how it just takes 3 components for your team to become leaders people want to follow - not ones they have to follow.

Part 2 - Influence Mastery Kickstarter Mini E-Course

After our Zoom session, your team will get access a mini e-course (4 videos, 17 minutes each) that will help you gain momentum on mastering key influence strategies before our major in-person intensive. Here's what you'll learn in these videos:

1. The 5 Persuasion Tools Every Influence Master Utilizes

2. The 7 Mental Triggers Of Influence & Persuasion

3. The 4 Components Of A Person's Influence Profile

4. How To Create An Influence Strategy That Impacts Anyone

5. BONUS - Case Study: How I Got The Mayor Of My City To Become A Client Within 26 Minutes Of Meeting Me For The First Time (He Didn't Know Me Before!)

Part 3 - 3-Hour In-Person Influence Mastery Intensive

During our three hours together, we're going to take advanced influence strategies and implement them directly into your context, so you and your team can move closer to your vision with speedHere's a mini-overview of our three hours together:

1. Mastering The Art Of Storytelling - Developing and mastering the single most potent tool in the influence arsenal that persuades people the most without experiencing resistance from them.

2. Creating An Influence Profile & Strategy To Influence The #1 Most Important Person/Group To Your Team

3. Implementing The 7 Triggers Of Influence Into One Cohesive Strategy Within Your Team Or Business

Part 4 - 1-2 Personal Coaching Sessions (Optional)

After our intensive together, your team has the option to have 1-2 personal coaching sessions with me or my team of mastery coaches to go deeper on a personalized basis on the topics we worked on throughout our entire journey. The focus would be on applying the concepts into each of their personal or professional lives.



Exclusive 1-On-1 Coaching


This is for the high achiever who's ready to fully reach their potential within a proven peak performance system that has seen results among hundreds of clients from multiple industries and backgrounds.

Here's all that entails if you're committed to becoming your elite self:

1. Weekly Elite Peak Performance Coaching SessionsThese weekly sessions will be hyper-focused on amplifying your results and closing the gap on areas needed for you to experience massive growth. (Video or Call)

2. Access To The Peak Performer Online Library - You'll get exclusive access to the high-end peak performance online library of videos that are built for leaders who desire to become the standard in their industry. This high-end library is not available anywhere else.

3. Personal Weekly Peak Performance Prompts - You will receive peak performance prompts sent directly to your phone that are specially designed to help you intentionally operate in peak performance throughout the week and inspire others along the way with your example.

4. Emotional Home Breakthrough Session - You will get one life-changing breakthrough session where you will have the #1 negative emotion that's hindering every area of your life eliminated completely without it ever coming back again. Your entire mental and emotional compass will be reset like never before. (Video or In-Person)

5. Dynamic Performance Day Energizer - You get one exclusive high performance intensive every 2 months where I will spend an entire day in-person with you for 12+ hours to make sure you're operating at your peak so you can end the day feeling energized, fulfilled, and productive.

6. Peak Performance Emergency Session - You get one personal emergency Peak performance coaching session a week where you can contact me at any time, any day when you need a radical shift that cannot wait one more day.

7. Exclusive Unlimited Access To Me - Reach out and ask any questions so you can be coached outside of our sessions through text or voice message in case you hit any obstacles towards peak performance.

Rate: $5,000/month
1 Spot Left (As Of November 2023)