Peak Performance + Influence Mastery Coaching For Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Become The Standard In Your Industry 

Master The Skills & Mindsets Needed To Dominate In High-Stakes Environments So You Can Accomplish Legacy-Defining Achievements Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life In The Process.













Peak Performance + Influence Mastery Coaching For Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Become The Standard In Your Industry 

Master The Skills & Mindsets Needed To Dominate In High-Stakes Environments So You Can Accomplish Legacy-Defining Achievements Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life In The Process.

NY Weekly, LA Weekly, MarketWatch, Digital Journal
Caleb Mentzer, Director of Trauma Research & Associate Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, Spartanburg Medical Center

"To the world, I was a successful physician, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer. But to be honest - deep inside - I was struggling in my personal and professional life. 

About a year ago, I saw a paradigm shift in a close friend and leader that I admire. Curious, I asked him one evening, "What changed?" He smiled and said, "Christian Santiago."

I made a mental note and went back to the grind, until one day I was at a breaking point. At that moment, I remembered the conversation about Christian Santiago. Naturally I looked him up on LinkedIn as I was curious to see who he was. I took a took a risk and reached out to him asking for his help.

Christian answered my call for help and I can honestly say I have never felt more focused, more inspired. Christian has also started working with my team and the collaborative results are truly amazing!"

- Christopher K. Bromley, DPM FACFAS, President & Chief Medical Officer, CarePICS

There's Another Level Of Performance & Influence You Haven't Tapped Into Yet.


There's Another Level Of Performance & Influence You Haven't Tapped Into Yet.

It's Time To Take Everything You Do To Another Level Entirely.


The conventional success narrative pushes visionary leaders to relentlessly pursue greatness at the expense of their family or health - suggesting that monumental impact and personal fulfillment cannot coexist.


But I've created a systematic approach to produce your best work without compromising your personal life in a way that's uniquely tailored to you. How?


I've spent the past 3 years working intensely with hundreds of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs across a dozen different industries and discovered how the best of the best dominate in high-stakes environments to accomplish their life's work.


After performing 1,114 peak performance coaching sessions, I've put together a world-class peak performance system any high level leader can execute. From CEO's who are negotiating an 8-figure sale of their company to trauma surgeons putting in 100 hours/week facing the most critical situations, I have seen each of them thrive in these fast-paced dynamics using these advanced skills and habits that aren't found anywhere else.


Now any visionary can maintain peak performance under constant high-pressure situations and lead confidently through times of uncertainty, all while protecting the most important parts of their life.


No longer will your determination to lead your field and create legacy-defining impact be curbed or stopped by what's going on in your personal life.


Meaningful achievement and lasting fulfillment are no longer at odds anymore. They can be yours now.


Christian Santiago, Peak Performance Coach For Executives, Investors, & Surgeons
Caleb Mentzer, Director of Trauma Research & Associate Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, Spartanburg Medical Center

"I first heard about Christian through one of my closest friends. He told me he was working with "this new coach who was amazing and he was so excited." I was excited for my friend!

A few months went by and I started to see a monumental shift in my friend's performance, confidence, drive, and overall mentality. It was so impactful to me that I was uncomfortable and didn't understand why my friend had "changed so much." 

Then I met Christian in person. We connected over the phone about his coaching and how it could help me grow and be a peak performer. My words to him were, "I'm nervous, which I think means I need to do it." I knew in my spirit this would be something that would change my life.

Here I am in my second engagement with Christian and I am literally a different person. I am a better leader, a more confident man, a better husband and friend. Christian has affected every part of my life positively and I'm thankful to him.

I was in therapy for years trying to figure out how to get through things and get to that peak state. Christian brought rapid improvement to my life."

- Mike Vergona, President & CEO, UrbanSolar
NY Weekly, LA Weekly, MarketWatch, Digital Journal
Christian Santiago, Greenville's #1 High Performance Coach, Featured In NY Weekly

I Help Visionary Leaders Accomplish What They Want In Record Time Without Adding More Stress To Their Lives.

After working with 9-figure companies, top 1% CEO's, and world-class surgeons, I know that another mentally "stimulating" coaching model won't help you because you want to reach a greater level of mastery - which means you have a greater need for tangible results, not mental stimulation.

What you really need is a strategic partner in world-class peak performance beside you that possesses:

  • Precision-Guided Feedback:¬†I offer targeted, objective insights outside of¬†your operational bubble - enabling sharply focused, strategic actions on your end.
  • Relentless Drive: Mirroring your own tenacity, I aim to be a¬†catalyst that helps you become the standard in your¬†industry with high-end accountability.
  • Radical Accountability: I'll challenge you to confront the uncomfortable gaps in your performance and¬†influence, just like you do for those who depend on you.

It's a disservice to leaders like you to offer anything less than a proven path to peak performance & influence mastery. Because when you move - the world notices.

That's why what I offer is more than coaching - it's an elite partnership designed to consistently break through your performance plateaus, elevating you to elite levels and setting new personal standards.

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Here Are The 3 Keys Results You Can Expect After Working With Christian

Caleb Mentzer, Director of Trauma Research & Associate Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, Spartanburg Medical Center

"As a full time trauma surgeon, associate professor of surgery and the director of a trauma research program, I spent the majority of my career defining my goals and reaching them without difficulty. I found myself at a junction professionally, in which I was unsure of how to define my next set of professional goals as well as how to clearly and concisely outline the steps to reach them to my research team, my direct supervisor, as well as my institution. 

My work with Christian has resulted not only in clarifying my goals and career aspirations, I have become a more effective communicator and leader. Whether it is explaining process of attaining my research groups short and long term goals to my collaborators, obtaining increased support from the institution or building my coalition of leaders at the institutional level to guide the overall efforts, the skills I have refined and further developed with Christian are highly effective.

His guidance is invaluable. The process Christian implements is an investment in one's future, but it is one worth making if you are serious about developing career-changing leadership and communication skill sets."

- Caleb Mentzer, Director of Trauma Research & Associate Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, Spartanburg Medical Center
Elite Peak Performance Coaching For World-Class Leaders

Because I Only Work With A Select Few Who Are Committed To Accomplishing Their Life's Work, This Coaching Is Not For You If:


¬† ¬†‚ĚƬ†You Care About Meaningless¬†Success Metrics (The Next Jet, Title, Etc.)

¬† ¬†‚ĚƬ†You're¬†Not¬†Serious¬†About Investing In Yourself

¬† ¬†‚ĚƬ†You're Content With Sacrificing¬†Your Private Life For Your Public Life (Family, Health, Relationships, Etc.)

¬† ‚ĚƬ†You're Not Willing To Be Challenged To Stretch Beyond What You're Currently Doing

¬† ‚ĚƬ†You¬†Believe There Isn't Another Higher Level To Reach

¬† ‚ĚƬ†You¬†Don't Care About Leaving Behind An Impactful Legacy

¬† ‚ĚƬ†You're Looking For A Short-Term Transactional Relationship Over A Long-Term Transformational One


More Success Stories

Brian Thurston, Chief of Surgery, Spartanburg Medical Center

"Christian is an insightful and caring 'performance coach.' As a longtime public official, I have found that I need the perspective and encouragement of an outside advisor.

Christian is an excellent listener who helps me navigate through the distraction and noise of day-to-day activities in order stay on track with what truly matters - with the purpose of accomplishing my most important work goals in a way that is also personally rewarding.

He helps make the journey less stressful. He also presents practical techniques to keep family and personal health and growth at the forefront. I appreciate Christian’s friendship and dedication!

- Knox White, Mayor Of Greenville, South Carolina
- Mia Padilla, Top 1% Real Estate Investor

"Christian is an authentic leader who lives out his world-class coaching guidance. I candidly was resistant to committing to another ‚Äúdevelopment‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúcoaching‚ÄĚ program, but after shadowing one call; his substance, character, articulation, and impact became palpably real!

He is more than the summation of the hundreds of books he has read, and the several he has written ‚Äď he is the courageous, bold, studious, servant leader I'm grateful to have direct access to.

He masterfully delivers content and application in every communication. I'm excited to share breakthrough thought and expansion with such a world-class leader."

- Mia Padilla, Real Estate Investor
Meggie Hoeft, High Net Worth Executive National Vice President

"Christian has been amazing in shaping my business mentality and optimizing performance.

I went from not knowing what to do to being able to launch an MVP in a week, as opposed to 3 months. He will challenge you, push you to grow, and help you see things in different ways.

The truth is, he is a genuine human being with amazing leadership skills and the ability to help those who are willing to put in the work. Thank you, Chris!"

- Jacopo Viola, Tech Founder, ShortsIQ
Meggie Hoeft, High Net Worth Executive National Vice President

"Christian is my secret weapon. His methods are so effective, your results will astonish you. They did with me.

If you want to grow your business, rise in your industry, navigate the boardroom like a champion - call him. There are corporate coaches, then there is Christian Santiago.

His work is a blessing and his results are not of this world."

- Bianca De La Garza, Founder, Entrepreneur, Award-Winning News Anchor
Brian Thurston, Chief of Surgery, Spartanburg Medical Center

"As one who both performs complex and high stakes operations while also leading and teaching an already experienced group of high performing professionals - High Performance coaching makes natural sense.

Christian has been truly wonderful to work with and has made me better in, not only my professional life, but in all facets of my life. Don't hesitate to trust him to do the same for you!"

- Brian Thurston, Chief of Surgery, Spartanburg Medical Center

Become The Standard In Your Industry Without Sacrificing Your Fulfillment, Health, & Relationships Along The Way

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